Kiwanian of the Year

The Kiwanian of the Year award is presented to a member of our club who distinguishes themselves by exceptional participation in our club activities throughout the past year. Although our club is built on participation by all our members, some members stand above the crowd as a result of their extraordinary contributions to our club.

1988 Jack Finkbone
1989 Thornton Patberg
Richard D’Amour
1990 Margo Borre
1991 Kevin French
1992 Jack Arney and Bob Naas
1993 Jack Finkbone
1994 Steve Page
1995 Penne Pirkle Gambrall
1996 Terry White
1997 Penne Pirkle Gambrall
1998 Steve Page
1999 Beth Baker
2000 Jack Finkbone
2001 Bob Naas
2002 James Byers
2003 Thornton Patberg
2004 Helen Fisher
2005 Julia Holtz
2006 Steve Page
2007 Mona Meyer
2008 Dewey Kelley
2009 Ed Ziemer
2010 Randy Conner
2011 Jay Inman
2012 Steve Worthington
2013 Amy Fehn
2014 Terry Davis
2015 Carl Linge
2016 Ed Ziemer
2017 Carl Linge
2018 JoAnn Laugel
2019 Sharon and Don Johnson
2020 Jack Arney
2021 Dave Lehrschall